Anyone interested?

The other day I was watching "Good Things Utah", and they had a segment where a lady was advertising her cookbook with a lot of freezer meal recipes. She was saying that her and about 10 others are in a group where they each make 10 of the same freezer meal, and then pass it around to those in their group, so they come home with 10 different freezer meals. I thought it was a good idea, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in starting a group. Sorry to those who live away from Utah Valley, but those around here, are you interested?


Bethany VH said...

Did they pay each other or did they consider each paying for the 10 meals the prepared fair? Did each person deliver the meals? Too bad we just moved from Utah. I'd love something like this!

Losee's said...

No, they didn't pay each other, they would just make the 10 meals, or whatever number of people are in the group, and consider that equal. They then met together and swapped the freezer meals. It sounded like a good idea!