Spanish Rice

2 cups white rice
2-3 TBS cooking oil
3 large roma tomatoes
1 TBS chicken base
2 TBS crushed garlic

Combine the rice and the cooking oil in a skillet or large pan. Cook the rice until it starts to brown and smells nutty. Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn or over cook.

In a blender combine tomatoes, chicken base, garlic. Blend fine. Add water to reach 4 cups of liquid. Poor over cooked rice. Put a lid on and turn down to low. Simmer until the liquid evaporates and the rice is tender.

You can play with these proportions to get the amount of rice you want to make.


hot garlic said...

I was just thinking I needed a recipe for Spanish Rice! I have never made it, but have been making a few Latin inspired main dishes lately that are screaming for it! Thanks!

Maria said...

What a great side dish! Thanks for the recipe!