Skip's 5 Food Facts

Good idea! Here are mine:

5 Food Related Facts About Skipper

1. What is your favorite method of cooking? - Anything "ansamble," that I can mix together and throw into the oven...so I guess my answer is baking.

2. What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? - Evan isn't a big onion or garlic fan, so I'm always adding onion powder and garlic powder to everything so that I can still have the flavor.

3. Who inspires your cooking? - I am in love with Southern cooks. Paula on the food network (you all know who I'm talking about), and more recently I've added the Neeleys to my list.

4. How often do you make dinner? - At least Monday-Thursday, and Sunday. The other days we usually get invited over with family or have left overs.

5. Share one cooking/recipe tip -Always brown or sear your roasts on all sides before cooking them. It locks in the juices and keeps the roast tender.

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