Dani's 5 Facts

Since we cooks don't all know each other, I thought we could do a little "food tag" inspired by our newest contributor, Heidi. I'll go first.

5 Food Related Facts About Dani

1. What is your favorite method of cooking? - I really enjoy grilling, but often times I settle for the oven because I'm lazy

2. What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? - I add onions to any dish I can - whether it's a sweet onion or just scallions

3. Who inspires your cooking? - Probably Giada from "Everyday Italian" on Food Network. Plus, she's gorgeous and I would love to look that fabulous while cooking.

4. How often do you make dinner? - I try to cook at least 6 meals a week. We really love to go out but it's not as healthy and more expensive

5. Share one cooking/recipe tip - The best tip I can give is "Plan out your weekly meals". That way you aren't running to the grocery store everyday and you can watch your costs better. I'm a big advocate of this.

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