This blog rocks!

Hi ladies!

I just wanted to say how excited I am about this blog. I know that I haven't been the best contributor and I will get better, I promise. Yesterday I forgot to make a grocery list before school and I didn't really have time to run home and make one before going to the store. I just popped on here for a few minutes and made up a list of yummy meals that I know Jarom is going to love. So, this blog saved me tons of time and stress! Just wanted to add a little testimony for y'all. :)



Ashleigh & Randy said...

I agree! :)

Skipper said...

Does anyone have any other friends or family they want invited to the blog?

Ashleigh & Randy said...

My mom wants to join Skipper and I think Allison's mom too!

ashleybecar said...

How do we invite people?