Pineapple Glazed Ribs (from my blog but worthy to post here)

Ahhh... baby back ribs. The quintessential BBQ feast. (and a Vest family classic) Eat at your own risk, these addictive racks of meat are sure to clog your arteries but they are oh so divine...

The Marinade
1 can pineapple juice (set a little aside for the glaze, maybe 2 TBSP)
1 1/2 C brown sugar

1 - combine the marinade ingredients in a crock pot and turn the heat to "high" (FYI - I always line my crock pot with "Slow Cooker Liners". They make the clean up that much faster)
2 - pull your slab of ribs out of the fridge. (if they were in the freezer, defrost them first) This is how I buy them:


Now, do not think that I buy this many slabs on a regular basis. I was feeding my in laws, which consisted of two teenage boys and a gaggle of husbands. We needed BIG MEAT. Usually, I just buy one rack for Kurt and I and cut it in two and then freeze one half for another time. I think a 1/2 a rack is plenty of ribs for two people, but, it's quite easy to eat an entire rack so pick your poison. Also, I wouldn't buy spare ribs... look for baby back. The price may cause you to question but trust me, it's worth it.

And if you look at the price, I got an entire rack for $9.42. And splitting it into two separate meals means I only spent $4.71 for each dinner. For two people. Not too shabby.

3 - cut the ribs into individual slabs and throw them into the marinade


4 - Walk away. At least for 7 hours or so. Don't even open the lid. (not that you'll have to, the smell is permeating. In fact, I have to cook mine out on the patio because I can't stand the strong smell lingering in my house)


5 - After about 7 hours gently lift them out of the pot with tongs and set aside. They look gross, I know, but just relax. They're not done yet.


6 - Fire up the grill
7 - Now mix up the BBQ glaze. This is my secret sauce. Very complicated.


Basically, I just pour the BBQ sauce in a bowl and mix a little of the pineapple juice with it for taste. Don't make it too watery or else it won't glaze up on the grill.

8 - Ask your hubby to gently place the ribs on the grill (if they're cooked right they'll literally be falling off the bone) and start slathering them with sauce. You can't use too much sauce. And you'll know when they're ready because the BBQ sauce will have become like a "glaze", very sticky. We turn them twice, slathering them each time and they sit on the grill for about 10-15 minutes


That's it! Enjoy your feast!



Skipper said...

Look at that barbeque. At our place we're still using the old coal bbq...that's why we prefer to grill at my parent's house.

Kristen said...

You know I love these! I am nervous to try to make them because my expectations about how wonderful is so high that if I mess up I will be extremely disappointed!

Julie M. said...

So I'm dying to make these, and am going to try them on Sunday for Fathers Day! :) Wish me luck!

Barbara E said...

I'm making these now, can't wait to taste them.