Lobster for the Poor

If you've ever tried to order a lobster tail to accompany your steak you know how expensive your meal can end up costing. Why pay and extra $25 for a lobster tail when you can make one just as fabulous at home for about $5-8? And while we're on the subject of cost, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Why would I spend 6 bucks a tail?" Well, about the only place I've found we can eat for about $10-12 is Wendy's or Cafe Rio. Or some other fast food joint. So it's been justified in the Vest home. But, maybe it's our love for all things seafood.

So, here's a super easy recipe for the shellfish lovers out there.

2 Lobster Tails (These can be purchased in your butcher shop. Watch for them to go on sale and then stock up, you can freeze them! - But make sure they're still frozen when you buy them. You don't ever want to freeze and then refreeze meat. Ever.)
Melted Butter (I like to add a little crushed garlic. And I rarely bother crushing whole garlic, it's a hassle, just buy the little "crushed garlic" bottles in your produce section. They're a lifesaver in many situations!)

How To
Preheat oven to 400

Use kitchen scissors to cut the tail down the hard shell of the back (cutting the shell only, not the flesh. Leave the fan tail intact). Lift out the meat through the slit in the shell so that the flesh is sitting on top of the tail. It looks a little weird but trust me.

Raw Lobster
(Can you see how I've split the shell? Just pull the meat up and push the two sides together)

Put the tails on a broiler pan, meat side up. Brush with butter. Bake for 15 minutes, brushing with butter every 5 minutes or so. When you poke them with a fork they should be firm, not rubbery. Now give them one more brush of butter and a sprinkle of parsley.

That's it! A gourmet feast that took just 15 minutes!

Lobster Tail

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Skipper said...

Mmm. I haven't liked meat lately, but seafood is another story. I'll have to try this when I get back home. Hey, when you buy shrimp (and I'm sure you do) do you buy it fresh or shelled?--I've never bought it at all and I'm not sure what's best.