How to make a Thanksgiving turkey...

My little first graders made a book on how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Here are some of my favorite. Hopefully this will help those of you who need a little help...or a little laugh!

"I usually don't know because my Grandma does it. She sticks it in the oven until it looks good. The oven should be as hot as it is in July. When it's all doen, and not that hot, she cuts it up." -Amy Conder

" My dad goes hunting and he shoots a turkey. Then he pulls out the eyes and tongue and legs. My mom makes some stuffing and he puts it in the turkey. Then my mom she puts it in the oven for 45 minutes. And then when she gets it out of the oven it is done. Then we eat!" -Kayden Hanks

"Put butter on the skin. Then you put it in the oven. I think you put it in for one minute and it should be just right. Then eat it at a special table. You put food decorations on the turkey." -Rylan Van Komen

"My mom saves up these coupons for the turkey. Then she goes to Kohler's and she looks for a turkey. She puts the turken in the oven for 30 degrees for 10 minutes. Then when it is ready, she takes it out!" -Laurn Bishoff

"You put it in the freezer. And you take it out and cook it for 59 minutes." -Wyatt Edwards

"My mom buys it at Costco. Then we bring it home and cook it for 16 minutes...until the oven beeps the 3rd time. Then we take it out and eat it." -Jonah Thorne

"We buy it. Sometimes me and my dad go hunting and shoot it and burn it. Then we cook it. We putit in the oven to make it burn. It stays in the oven for 30 minutes. It's really hot. We wash the blood out and then we eat it. We eat it with knives and forks." -Cole Connell


Amy said...

These are hilarious! I'm going to one of their houses for Turkey cause at my house is always takes way more than 10 minutes to cook!

Lindsay said...

My 6 year old cousin said something pretty funny at Thanksgiving. My grandpa was taking the stuffing out of the turkey and my cousin says "Grandpa are you taking that out of it's butt?"

Skipper said...

It's fun to see how some of those 6-year-olds think!