Any Lemon Ideas?

So I live in Florida and we have a lemon tree in our yard, and come to find out that November is the time that lemons are in season. I've made lemon bars twice and use a lemon in a pitcher of water (3 times already), but I have about 10 lemons left that are going to be ripe very soon and need to be used. Any ideas?


Dani V said...

Homemade lemonade is my most beloved drink ever. Lemons are so expensive here that I only get to dream about it. You should make that.

TheDillon6 said...

If you're tired of fresh lemonade (is that EVEN possible?!), you could make a lemon-syrup and freeze it to add to sparkling water at another date...I don't have a recipe, but I bet you could "google" one pretty quick. :)