Posting on DIP

And here's the lowdown on posting...

Try to use the labels that already exist. They're already tagged to pick up new recipes, but I know that there isn't one for everything. If there is not a label that fits with your recipe (like, say, for example it's brownies, and as you can see, we don't have a label for brownies) then let me know and I'll add one. Just shoot me an email (danivest AT gmail DOT com) or leave a message on the message board.

Make sure you include yourself when labeling the recipe. Otherwise it won't show up under your name.

And, if I've spelled your name wrong or you want to go by something else let me know. AND - if you're new or have not posted a recipe yet let me know the first time you post so I can add your name to the contributors list.

PS - If there are any recipe sites you would like me to add to the "Outside Networks" just leave them as a message on the message board