Evert-Fresh Saves Me Week After Week

Several months back, my mom gave me a package of Evert-Fresh fruit+veggie bags and warned me I'd be hooked forever.

These little bags really are a life saver. If you're like me, you start out your week with a fridge full of fresh food and super high intentions and it all goes downhill from there. Monday you cook a great meal, Tuesday you cook an okay meal, Wednesday you're tempted to order pizza, Thursday and Friday are hopeless. It seems like I'm throwing away fruits and vegetables all the time. It's gotten to the point where I hold the wilted over the trashcan, look over at Steve, and in unison we say "cha-ching!" as I drop it in.

I don't know how these miracle bags work, but I'm here to testify that if you transfer your fresh produce from the plastic grocery bags to an EvertFresh bag, they can remain in there for weeks... and weeks without wilting or going moldy at all. Once I was storing a few peaches in one of these bags and I was waiting for them to ripen so I could eat them. I would check every couple of days and wouldn't you know it, those peaches were still hard as a rock after two weeks of storage! So finally I took them out and set them on the counter and was able to eat them two days later.

So hurry your buns on over to www.evertfresh.com and say good-bye to feeling crappy about yourself for not following your weekly menu perfectly. Those fruits and veggies will still be around next week for you to "try again" on actually cooking something every night of the week.

p.s. they're reusable. just rinse and let dry.


Amy said...

I NEED these!!! I'm the queen of good intentions and am always throwing (expensive) food away! Thanks for this tip!

Dani said...

A love my Foodsaver for meats and cheeses. It sounds like this will solve my veggie problem. Thanks!

Kristen said...

Great! Thank you for this wonderful tip!!

Kristen said...

What size did you get? Is it better to get as small as possible so there is less air? If you get a large is it okay to mix fruits & veggies?

Kenna said...

I use Large because they're reusable, so I don't feel like I"m wasting them in "small" stuff.

I haven't ever mixed anything... ie - I put lettuce in one bag, green onions in another, cucumber in another...peaches in another... blah blah blah.