Just Lost

When your home is all boxed up what do you do for dinner when you're sick of pizza and Chinese take-out?


ashleybecar said...

Oh dear! Do you have access to an oven? I really like some of the Costco premade dinners in a box. I particularly like the pasta ones.


McKenna Gordon said...

Nothing beats a good sandwich with fresh fruit on the side. Get a mini-squeezable mayonnaise from the grocery and some plastic knives for cutting some strawberries and nectarines.

Skipper said...

This might take too much effort and time, but I can tell you what I do.

If you are able, get access to just a few essentials: sauce pan, cookie sheet, wooden spoon, frying pan, and a can opener. Then go to the store and pick up a few "Glad Ovenware" containers. I LOVE these. My favorite is the 8X8 size.

Take a couple hours and throw together some Assemble-type recipes (recipes you don't have to cook right away--like casseroles). Throw those into the freezer.

I like this method because you can make as much or as little food as you need for any period of time. But, like I said, it does take a little time and effort. I'll post some recipes that you might want to try.

Skipper said...

OK, I didn't finish want I was thinking. The "Ovenware" containers can go straight from your freezer, to your oven (up to 425 degrees), to your fridge, then to your microwave, and your dishwasher. Then they're reuseable...did I spell that right?